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nekokatsunya's Journal

25 September
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I'm known as Katsunya (usually Nya for short).
My favorite colors are red, black and purple. :3
I'm a hardore rper. I've fallen asleep with my key board in my lap and I moved my computer onto my bed so I could be comfortable rping. XD
I'm obssessed with anime.
Especially hot guys/girls or cute guys/girls. >:3
I'm very complicated and extremely weird. >:3
If you don't like me, most likely you'll hate me. :XD I've never met anyone who stood in the middle. XD
I like emo songs, but that doesn't mean I'm emo.
I like almost every type of music under the sun.
Unless it's the awesome stuff from back in the old days~ (/~ o~)/
I'm 16 and I love it. :3 <3
I love dance songs and Japanese people.
I tend to say that normal guys in real life aren't cute or hot. I love anime too much. XD
I'm bi. And no, I'm no fake bisexual like most girls. :stare:
I'm 100% bi. I love everyone and everything. XD
I just wish that guys here looked more like guys in anime. T_T
Their bodies are hotter. XD
I could ramble all day, but I guess that's most of what you need to know. XD
Oh yea, I'm in love with YAOI<3

I roleplay but I only do anime characters for roleplays such as vampire, other worlds, school rps and things like that.

My information with my character(s) differs from rp to rp.

I flirt with both genders.

And if you use a hot picture for your character, be prepared for me to mentally molest you. >:3

I'm serious about that comment above, that's the funny part. :XD

Btw, if you love Skillet, I WILL GLOMP YEW~

They're my favorite band next to Nickelback and Linkin Park and Within Temptation and Evanescence. :3

Do you know how long it took me to remember how to spell Evanescence with out looking it up?!

Almost like.... Idk. 5, 6 years? :shock:

I stalk my friends when I'm bored.

If I'm rping with you and I'm getting really into it, I'll add you just so I can stalk you all over Gaia and watch when you don't reply. XD